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Neoquartz is a washable, acrylic, quartz paint for exteriors with outstanding vapour permeability, durable elasticity, weatherability and excellent coverage..

This product combines the resistance properties of quartz with the special qualities of acrylic resins such as resistance to frost thaw cycle, UV rays and acids. 

Neoquartz provides a matt smooth finish and is available in a wide range of colours. It is also recommended for the protection and decoration of buildings located in weather-beaten environments.

It has a low odour level and is non-inflammable and environmentally friendly.

Neoquartz is a white standard finish but can be matched to NCS or RAL colours or the standard colour chart - view here

Neoquartz Brochure

Technical Sheet


Recommended primer/sealer - Blankor  or Neokryll

Recommended sanitising agent - Sterylplus

Recommended colour wash - Veldecor

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