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Travertino Effect

Roma is a smooth plaster creating a travertine natural stone effect and made with natural products; marble dust and ecological resins.

This water-based product prevents the development of mould and bacteria. It is environmentally friendly and has a high degree of breathability.


Coverage: 2.5 kilograms per square metre

Roma Application Video


Base: Prepare the surface by applying, with a roller or brush, one coat of Base R, which can be coloured. Allow to dry for at least 8 - 12 hours.

Finish: The product, Roma, can be coloured. Apply a coat of Roma with a stainless steel trowel in an interrupted pattern to avoid an accumulation of paint. Work with the pad so as to create irregular veins creating a travertine natural stone effect. Before the product dries, carefully smooth over with a stainless steel trowel and leave to dry for at least 12 hours. To reproduce the joints between the different blocks, score the surface with a screwdriver and a wooden rod.

For Velatura: Apply the Top Coat Neutro with a sponge or sponge glove on the completely dry surface.

Recommended Tools  


Special Roller       Stainless Steel Trowel       Texture Pad  


 Sponge Glove         Natural Sponge 

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